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Have you ever felt the desire to take a shot at something new – a job, a relationship, a dream – but then automatically shut yourself down? Ever told yourself, I’m not good enough or It’s too hard; I’ll never figure it out, so why bother…? If you’re scared to try, then I have a video story just for you.

How to Show Up Even if You’re Scared to Try

Don’t you just love it when profound life lessons show up in the most unexpected places? This past week I received a wonderful teaching about how to show up even if you’re scared to try … from a little boy in a Very Hungry Caterpillar costume.

As such, an alternate title for this post was: What a Two-Year-Old Trick-Or-Treater Taught Me About Life, Love, and God.

Scared to Try, Brave Halloween

Want to hear the story? You can watch on Facebook, or on Youtube, or by pressing play below.

Quotable Quote:

“When we show up, and we’re earnest, and we’re wholehearted … we’re pretty irresistible. [And] when we try, and we step outside our comfort zone … even if we do it totally wrong! … how much do people just want to give to us? I wonder if God is like that … so enthusiastic about rewarding even our smallest efforts.”

I’ve been experimenting with doing Live videos at A Wish Come Clear’s Facebook page, so thank you for your shares and support. It’s so much fun to share these stories with you.

My challenge to you this week: whatever it is you’re dreaming of and hoping for, take a step toward it! (And feel free to ask for help if you need it.)

Stay Tuned for Big News …

Finally, just a quick note to let you know that blog posts will be intermittent from now through the end of the year, as I’m working on a HUGE new project that will go live in early 2018.

It’s super-exciting and I can’t wait to share it with you. So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe via email to get a first look when it goes live!


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