“Today was awesome … Thank you for opening my eyes and sharing your beautiful stories.”

“I was so, so thankful for your level of openness … Your story moved me.”

“Excellent.” “Fantastic.” “Beautiful.”

¬†Want to hear people saying these things at your next event? If so …

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Speaking at TEDxBirmingham’s 2016 All Star Salon; photo credit Kate Rexrode Smith Photography


Caroline Garnet McGraw is a would-be childhood paleontologist turned writer and speaker, digging for treasure in people and uncovering sacred stories in ordinary days. Like Dory from Finding Nemo, she has a kind heart, lots of enthusiasm, and a tendency to forget what she knows about the journey home. (Fortunately, writing helps her to remember.)

Caroline is the creator of A Wish Come Clear, a blog devoted to getting past perfect and rising up real. She has served as a contributor to The Huffington Post, with her stories featured on the front page of the Women and Religion sections.

Her July 2015 HuffPost Women piece, “You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interaction” went viral, gathering 41k likes and thousands of shares. The post was translated for the French and Italian HuffPo editions, where it received 45k more likes.

Caroline has given keynote presentations at conferences across the country. She spoke as part of TEDxBirmingham’s All Star lineup in September 2016, giving a talk titled, “You Don’t Owe Anyone An Interaction”.

She was also a featured speaker at TEDxBirminghamSalon in September 2014, with a talk titled, “Perfectionism Doesn’t Protect Us”.

An honors graduate of Vassar College, she lives and works in northwestern Alabama with her husband.

Past Speaking Engagements & Praise

Click here to view a full list of Caroline’s past speaking engagements and praise, or visit CarolineMcGraw.com for an overview.

Most requested keynote and workshop topics include:

  • Letting go of false guilt, shame, and perfectionism; embracing compassion, courage, and vulnerability
  • Healing from judgmental, legalistic teachings; creating a nourishing spirituality and faith life
  • Supporting siblings of individuals with autism in their particular challenges and joys

Sample Video: Caroline’s TEDx talks

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