“There’s something that I’m supposed to do.

I need to start living on purpose.”

When you get quiet and listen, this is the truth that bubbles up within you.

You get chills when you think about it. It’s as though the center of your being lights up and says YES.

You may feel a little shy referring to it as a calling. You might have some anxiety around the word spiritual.

But if you’re being really honest? That’s what it is.

When you pay close attention, you can feel the contours of this calling. You can sense what people, places, and tasks are in alignment with it.

Deep down, you know that you’re not supposed to be hiding and playing small. You’re not supposed to be what my fellow coach Brooke Castillo calls a “butterfly walking.”

In case you’ve never seen one try, butterflies are not good at walking.

Why? Because they’re meant to fly.

But when you try to take flight … things get a little crazy.

Thinking about change triggers anxiety, big-time. It’s negative thoughts and limiting beliefs all over the place. Resistance flies up in your face …

You shouldn’t want that! It makes no sense!
That’s so selfish! Who do you think you are?
You have to take care of other people! You have responsibilities!

You wish you could feel the fear and do it anyway, but the stakes seem too high. So you don’t move forward.

That deeper part of you is really persistent, though. It speaks to you through flashes of emotion, through flares of anger and unexpected tears.

Lately there’s been an urgency about it. You have this pressing desire to start living on purpose, not just getting through the days.

And now you’re reading this and thinking: Maybe it’s time.

Is This You?

You have this feeling that you’re meant to be a part of something bigger.

You know that life is not just about you and your comfort level. There’s something richer and wilder and deeper happening, and you’re supposed to play a role in it.

You’re part of what my all-time-favorite coach and author Dr. Martha Beck calls “the team.” Martha says that the team is here to save the world. (No big deal.)

That’s why you love stories like Harry Potter or His Dark Materials, stories about people who have magical powers and are weird in the best sense of the word.

They’re not normal … and neither are you.

You’re meant for more.

Mission: Break Down Barriers

Before I ever went to church as a kid, I had a very clear idea of heaven. I believed that heaven would be a place where I could really talk with my younger brother, Willie.

Willie had been diagnosed with autism, and I wanted so much to connect with him. In heaven, I believed that I’d be able to ask him any question and hear his true answer.

There would be no barriers.

The thought of heaven made me feel warm and safe, and it also made me shiver because it felt so very true.

I believe in it now more than ever. In fact, I believe that heaven is a state of being. I believe it’s closer than we realize.

And the thing that I feel like I’m supposed to do is to help you remember the way back to that place inside yourself.

It’s the place within you that is sacred and eternal.

It’s that part of you that has no barriers.

It’s the part of you that’s ready to trade the cage for freedom.

Let’s Do This Together

I help women like you – who are really good at doing what they’re “supposed to” do – start doing what they’re MEANT to do.

Because, real talk: We don’t do powerful work like this alone.

Dr. Judith Herman says that although the unit of human physical survival is one, the unit of psychological survival is two.

In other words, we need each other. We simply can’t see our own blind spots. And when we’ve been deeply hurt, we need a compassionate witness to help us heal fully.

Left to their own devices, our minds are – to quote Brooke Castillo again – like toddlers running around with knives. They don’t mean to do damage, but boy oh boy, they do.

Plus, most of us were never taught how to heal our emotional level hurts. So we’re carrying around a bunch of old pain, and it’s taking a ton of energy.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.

When we learn how to apply love to the parts of ourselves that hurt, we heal.

Enter: Progress On Purpose

Progress On Purpose is a 9-month private coaching program for women who are ready to live their lives with greater clarity and confidence.

Caroline reading
In this one-on-one coaching program, we take apart the walls that hold you back from accessing your true strength. Together, we help you to heal on all levels of self: body, mind, heart, and spirit.

With Progress On Purpose, you’ll learn how to …

  • Question the negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back
  • Quit putting your own needs on the back burner, and set healthy boundaries
  • Move forward even when you feel scared and anxious
  • Distinguish what you truly want from what you think you should want
  • Make the best possible decisions, rather than getting stuck in analysis

All the while, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a safe, loving space that frees you up to access your deeper feelings, hopes, and dreams. We’ll walk this road together, and you’ll be amazed by how much that makes a difference.

Progress On Purpose is a 9 month program that includes:

Two private coaching sessions per month, plus two bonus calls (20 calls total, with recordings available)

You’ll break through old patterns and chart a new course

Unlimited email support

You’ll stay on track with your goals and feel supported in every step

Admission to three online gathering events for private clients only

You’ll connect with kindred spirits and take your life to the next level

Let’s Get Started

Spaces are limited and admission is by invitation only.
Schedule a Clarity Call to see if it’s a mutual fit for us to work together.

Still have questions? Email me directly.

This is your time; I can’t wait to see you shine.

To your transformation,

Coaching Client Success Stories

“This has been transformative. I knew as soon as I started coaching with Caroline that this was exactly where I needed to be.

I came to coaching because I wanted to start fully living my life’s purpose and living in my heart, where anything’s possible. As an entrepreneur, I sensed that it was time for me to start playing bigger, to create a solid foundation for my growing business and thereby help others rise.

Progress On Purpose has been a godsend, helping me to stand in my power and really embrace who I am. Now I can say, ‘Look at what I’ve done for myself, I didn’t let gremlins hold me back.’

This is your calling, Caroline. You have found your soul’s work. Thank you. I am so grateful.” – Kristy

My life has been needing exactly this. Before I started coaching, I could see that my giving often crossed the line of over-functioning. I did for others what they needed to do for themselves for their own growth … I have not had any bearings for how to judge where to act and where not to. Like “I am selfish” if I am not meeting the wants of others and meeting my own.

Since doing coaching with Caroline, my awareness is much greater! I feel like something big is changing inside me. I’m learning how to be kind to myself, and also react with kindness to others who are of the same worth, on the same difficult journey.

I understand I don’t have to be hurt by others’ struggles. I get to measure myself by my own integrity and help others feel love as they do so. I don’t have to be hurt by what others want from me. I feel that when I show “little me” she is loved and treasured, it adds strength to my grown up self watching out for herself.” – DL

“I had no intention of signing on with a coach. But I loved those emails you sent, and I signed up for a Clarity Call. It is a pleasure working with you as my coach; my life has been changing for the better literally by leaps and bounds since our sessions have begun, and I am so grateful!” – Susan

“I’m so happy that I made the commitment to coaching because even though there are times when I think, ‘How am I ever going to get there?’, I know I’ve made progress, which I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. It is happening, and I am moving in the right direction. The biggest change has been my own thinking, and I think that’s the most important thing. That’s where it all starts.” – Emily

This is SO helpful, I can’t even tell you. When it comes to a life coach, it’s important to feel like the coach can understand without judging, which you do, Caroline. I needed somebody who could transcend the typical “judge and shame” process. When I first saw some of your videos, I thought that you were a very compassionate and wise person, and that you could understand a little bit of my weirdness. Coaching with you has helped me stay focused on my creative goals, and since we’ve started working together I’ve grown as a performer. I’m moving forward with my art, demonstrating my commitment with action, and having amazing rehearsals for my upcoming show.” – Nadia

“Working with you as my coach, I definitely feel lighter. Now somebody is helping me to understand my burden and lessen it too; it makes a big difference.” – Pat

Caroline is the coach I didn’t know I was missing. She’s able to get to the heart of an issue that’s creating roadblocks in my progress towards my goals – and not just the ‘Here’s the steps: 1. …, 2. …, 3. …’ but also working on old beliefs and adjusting mindsets. You can tell she genuinely cares about her clients and enjoys helping them unpack the mental/emotional/physical stumbling blocks so they can turn them into stepping stones to reach their goals. Caroline, thank you for meeting me where I was, the firm but gentle guidance forward, and for cheering me to my goals.” – Bridget

“Thank you for your guidance today, Caroline! It’s amazing how much I can learn from you in such a short amount of time. You’ve helped me get set up to launch my new coaching business. We’ve worked through the practical pieces, and you’ve helped me overcome the resistance that says I can’t do it. Now, I’m ready to help others reach their goals in a fun and positive way, to help them feel special. I’m creating my own path and independence, and it’s exciting. I’m so glad I took a deep breath…didn’t overthink it…and just jumped!!!” – Lori

“When I started coaching with Caroline, I wondered if it was safer to just stay on my corporate job that was robbing me of joy. Instead, Caroline helped me to overcome my limiting beliefs and step into a new life as a Pilates and Fitness Instructor and Holistic Health Coach. (In fact, I just signed my first VIP health coaching client!) It’s my goal to do an incredible job and serve my clients way beyond their expectations … which is something that Caroline has modeled for me. She goes above and beyond to help me succeed.” – Christine

“I wanted to work with Caroline so that I could start getting things done in a timely manner, without the procrastination I have been plagued with for years. Though I’d read about all the tricks, often I couldn’t force myself to do the simplest task. Now, that’s changing. I’m getting bigger projects done – decluttering my home and office, and planning for retirement. Caroline has helped me change my old pattern of indecision, and it’s a pleasure to work with her. I see how much is possible for me, and I look forward to the future.” – Larry

“I always look forward to calls with you, Caroline; I get so much out of our sessions. When you appear it’s like talking to an old wise friend, and you have helped me so much. You are very gifted! You’re helping me to get free from old trauma patterns, and to shine my light personally and professionally. Deep gratitude to you for your steadfast guidance and insight along this journey!” – Elisa

Praise From Fellow Professional Coaches

“In engaging Caroline’s services, what I found was a consummate professional with a depth of compassion, the ability to problem-solve respectfully, effective strategies and a rock star work ethic that dovetailed perfectly with the needs of my own growing business and client base. Working with her is a dream and she will go to the mat for both her clients and mine. She is conscientious, smart, sensitive and highly attuned to what it takes to break through procrastination. You are in excellent hands with her! …. You can trust Caroline completely and if you are coachable, you will get the results you want.”

– Deborah Hurwitz, Founder, Maestra Coaching

“THANK YOU for all the love and care you took to support your [PACE Private] group. You are an amazing coach and they were very blessed to have your support.”

– Jeanmarie Bills, Head of Coaching, HeartCore Business