How Breakfast At Tiffany’s Teaches You To Become A Classic Writer ~ Guest Post At Men with Pens

Hello Readers,

Today’s a big day:  I have guest post at Men with Pens! Men with Pens is a well-known team of web designers and writers, committed to “changing businesses (and lives!) through high-end websites that get results.” I’m honored to be posting there, sharing what Breakfast At Tiffany’s has taught me about great writing and great love.

Today’s Post:  How Breakfast At Tiffany’s Teaches You To Become

A Classic Writer

Readers from Men with Pens, Welcome to A Wish Come Clear! To receive your gift from me, I invite you to visit the ‘Subscribe’ field on your right to receive a copy of my book, “Your Creed Of Care: How To Dig For Treasure In People (Without Getting Buried Alive)”.


Readers, I want to let you know that I’ll be on vacation next week, and as such, I won’t be posting this coming Monday, the 15th, or next Monday, the 22nd. As such, I’m glad to offer you two posts today.

In case you missed it, I had a (second) guest post at Undefinable You earlier this week…

On Power Cords, Power Choices, Adversity + Rising Above

Finally, I want to follow up on Monday’s post, and thank you for your wonderful comments and support.

My dear friend, L’Arche family member and surrogate grandfather Vincent* passed away yesterday morning. He died at home, surrounded by loved ones. (I’m thankful that I was able to say goodbye to him the night before.)

When I think of him now, I remember what he used to say to me when I’d rush and make silly mistakes on routine. Whenever I’d get frustrated with myself, he’d always put me back in perspective by saying, “Don’t worry, dear. I still love ya.”

And now that he’s gone, I still hear him saying that to me. Whenever I get too sad, I think of those simple, beautiful words, and somehow, I am all right.


*Names have been changed.

8 thoughts on “How Breakfast At Tiffany’s Teaches You To Become A Classic Writer ~ Guest Post At Men with Pens

  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s, so I’d forgotten all about the phrase “the mean reds.” But I like it. So much more than saying, I’m afraid.
    The mean reds. I’m going to carry that with me. 🙂
    Tara recently posted..The Namesake

  2. Oh Caroline,
    I obviously did not read the rest of your post… and I apologize. Sending love and light to you and the L’Arches family on the loss of your good friend and family member, Vincent.
    Part of me feels like a complete idiot for not reading further than the first link. And part of me thinks that wouldn’t be in the spirit of Vincent at all.
    Take care of you.
    Tara recently posted..The Namesake

    • Thank you Cathy! Have just returned from the vacation, and am feeling relaxed + renewed.
      I appreciated your post at The Bold Life, and am glad to connect with you here as well. 🙂

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