How Breakfast At Tiffany’s Teaches You To Become A Classic Writer ~ Guest Post At Men with Pens

Hello Readers, Today's a big day:  I have guest post at Men with Pens! Men with Pens is a well-known team of web designers and writers, committed to "changing businesses (and lives!) through high-end websites that get results." I'm honored to be posting there, sharing what Breakfast At Tiffany's has taught me about great writing and great love. Today's Post:  How Breakfast At Tiffany's Teaches You To Become A Classic Writer Readers from Men with Pens, Welcome to A Wish Come Clear! To receive your gift from me, I invite you to visit the ‘Subscribe’ field on your right to...
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Three Words To Set You Free: Baby, Don’t Settle ~ Guest Post At Undefinable You

Hello and happy Monday, readers, Guest post #4-in-a-row is brought to you via Undefinable You. Today's Post:  Three Words To Set You Free:  Baby, Don't Settle Posting at Undefinable You (as part of the by-invitation-only Undefinably Awesome Women series) is a lovely honor. Writer Dusti Arab's tagline is a personal favorite:  "Because you're better than the white picket fence (and you know it!)" Amen to that. In the spirit of Dusti's bold site, I've also posted new photos throughout A Wish Come Clear's pages. 😉 Welcome to A Wish Come Clear, readers from Undefinable You! I’m happy you’re here. To...
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Fail, Fail And Fail Again: Why Falling Flat Is Key To Flying High

Lately, I've been feeling like failure is a necessary precursor to success. Allow me to explain. I've got 4 guest posts coming up in the next 4 weeks, at Everyday Bright, Books Distilled, Tiny Buddha and Undefinable You. For those of you who have seen my Goal Tracking Tool over at Support Plans, you'll note that I set a goal to guest post on a new site every other month. One could say that I've achieved my goal for the next 8 (!) months. I also have my first ebook coming out on 5/24. Guest-posting and releasing an ebook are...
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On Taking Initiative Today (Because Baby, You Were Born This Way)

Last week's post on thinking small got me thinking about the flip side of things. Initiative. Thinking big and acting big. This doesn't have to mean acting dramatic. It means acting outside your comfort zone. It means having what my friends and I call 'brave days'. Thinking big and acting big simply means putting yourself out there. It means that you... 1. State Your Desires In yoga, there's a wonderful tradition of setting an intention as you begin your practice (or begin your day.) Your intention could be anything:  to have fun, to challenge yourself, to breathe deeply. The power...
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