You Don’t Have to Be Afraid: Overcoming Perfectionism on Poema

“The irony of overcoming perfectionism is that it’s like playing a video game where you have plenty of lives left, but you’re so scared of getting hurt by anything. And it’s like, ‘Dude, it’s okay! The game has more lives for you!'” This is a quote from my recent guest appearance on James Prescott’s Poema Podcast. I’m not sure why I started speaking like a California surfer – dude! – but I’m so glad to share the recording with you today. …
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How To Set Limits Like Liz Gilbert

Dear Liz Gilbert, When someone changes your life, it seems right to say thank you, doesn’t it? I hope so. But right or wrong, I’m a writer, and you of all people know what that means. It means that I can’t help telling the stories that want to be told. So here’s what happened when a group of friends and I showed up for your Big Magic event in Nashville. Not that this will narrow it down, but we were the group that was so excited to see you, clapping and whooping as you took the stage with Ann Patchett....
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You Help Me Get Over Myself: The ThinkPiece Interview

Siblings, 2013. A touch blurry, but I do believe that Willie's smile makes up for that. Dear readers, Happy Monday! I have some fun news to share, so let's dive right in. First up is an interview I did with ThinkPiece Publishing's founder, Adam Wahlberg. As you may recall, ThinkPiece ("singular voices on social issues") published my Kindle Single, I Was a Stranger to Beauty, and I could not have asked for a better publishing experience. As such, it's my pleasure to share The ThinkPiece interview with you. It's a distillation of an hour-plus conversation, with snippets on...
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3 Secrets Of A ‘Successful’ Day

First, thank you to all the new subscribers -- I'm glad you're here! It's been an amazing week-- seeing over 1,300 visits to the site after the guest post at Be More with Less was very encouraging for me. As such, I've been thinking about success, and about what it means to be successful. I find within myself a tendency to equate success with grand gestures and sweeping achievements (or lots of hits on a website!) At times I fall into the trap of thinking that the formula for a successful (work)day looks like this: Q (quantity of tasks accomplished)...
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