You Help Me Get Over Myself: The ThinkPiece Interview

Siblings, 2013. A touch blurry, but I do believe that Willie’s smile makes up for that.

Dear readers,

Happy Monday! I have some fun news to share, so let’s dive right in.

First up is an interview I did with ThinkPiece Publishing’s founder, Adam Wahlberg. As you may recall, ThinkPiece (“singular voices on social issues”) published my Kindle Single, I Was a Stranger to Beauty, and I could not have asked for a better publishing experience.

As such, it’s my pleasure to share The ThinkPiece interview with you. It’s a distillation of an hour-plus conversation, with snippets on family, writing, vocation, and more.

My favorite line — spoken in the context of showing up and publishing here each week — is, “It helps you get over yourself a little bit.” Writing for you, showing up and sharing stories with you, really DOES help. It helps me step out of self-consciousness and insecurity and fear and step into love instead. Thank you.


Next, I’m booking new copywriting projects for 2014, and available slots are filling up fast. If you sense that your website, social media pages, and online presence could use a boost, never fear! You can take my new, free quiz and start moving forward.

Stay or Click Away? Put Your Website to the Test is specifically designed to help you assess where you’re at with your online work, and where you might grow the new year. Consider it a little holiday gift from me to you!

Also, my apologies — I announced my sparkling-new Speaking Kit and Full Media Kit in last week’s post, but the links were entered incorrectly, and have been revised. Be sure to check out the kits and contact me if you’re seeking a speaker for a 2014 event.

So far, I’ll be heading to California to present at the Kern Autism Network’s annual conference March 13-14, and then to Illinois to keynote at the Arc of Illinois’ 2014 convention April 23-24. I’d love to see you there!


Finally, posts at A Wish Come Clear will be intermittent in the weeks ahead — I’ll be spending some quality time with family and friends, and living new stories to share with you. Until next time … Happy Thanksgiving!



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2 thoughts on “You Help Me Get Over Myself: The ThinkPiece Interview

  1. Monica says:

    Caroline, thank you for posting this. I honestly did not understand what it meant when I read the description in your bio, that you are a copywriter. Now, I have a much better understanding since looking at the quiz you provided. I am going to recommend you to Estrelda Alexander, the president at William Seymour College. That’s the organization where I was trying to coordinate the forum, and it basically fell apart at the advertising stage. I think that a huge problem is the website. Getting it “right” would be a good first step. I hope she will follow up with you.
    PS- keep up the good work. I don’t often comment, but I am always amazed and inspired by what you do and what you write!

    • Monica, that’s great! I’m glad to hear that the quiz was helpful — as digital copywriting is a relatively new profession, I often hear questions like, “But what do you actually DO?” 🙂 Thank you for that insight and recommendation too — much appreciated! Blessings right back.

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