Is Your Fantasy Self Wearing You Down? (Guest Post at Miss Minimalist)

You know what’s really tiring, what drains the life out of so many of us each day? The belief that we should be someone we’re not … a fantasy self, if you will.

Our fantasy self is the one who will read all of the books in our backlog and cook all of the fancy magazine-style meals.

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4 Steps To A Decluttered Home And A Deepened Relationship: Guest Post At Minimalist Packrat

Hello and happy Friday!

Guest post #6-in-a-row (yes, this ends the streak…I think!) comes to you via Minimalist Packrat, the site that celebrates writer Tanja Hoagland’s journey from (you guessed it) packrat to minimalist.

Which leads me to ponder:  if I’d employed a similar “is living into now + used to be” fusion title for this site, it might read, “Peaceful Control-Freak,” or “Brave Scared” or “Bold Writer Shy Girl.”

That last one kind of has a ring to it… 😉

Moving on. As you know, A Wish Come Clear’s mission is to help you find meaning in your most challenging relationships. Hence, today’s post focuses not just on decluttering, but on the remarkable bond between 14-year-old middle-school valedictorian Olivia Halvorsen and her younger brother, Ben, who has Down Syndrome. How do these two topics connect? Read on to find out!

Today’s Post: 4 Steps To A Decluttered Home And A Deepened Relationship

I’m honored to be posting at Minimalist Packrat. I’ve been corresponding with Tanja ever since we bonded over our mutual love of Francine Jay’s book The Joy Of Less (see also:  my guest post on Miss Minimalist.) Nowadays we encourage and help one another along on our respective writing journeys. Thank you for the opportunity to post at your site, Tanja!

Welcome to A Wish Come Clear, readers from Minimalist Packrat! I’m happy you’re here.

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