You Need to Hear These 6 Words Today

“Walk like you’re one inch taller.” Dawn, my new physical therapist, was coaching me to walk properly last week. She’s helping me to improve my posture and alignment in order to heal from birth injuries. As you’d imagine, I’m taking this work seriously. I’m on time for every appointment, giving each exercise my all. But those 6 words nearly stopped me in my tracks. The ears of my soul perked up, like a cat at the sound of kibble. That’s what my body feels like when it hears something true; my inner animal snaps to attention. …
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I Feel Bad About Myself, How Do You Get Confidence?

“Can you help me to improve my bad feeling about myself which I’ve had all through my working life (about 20 years..)?” “What are some strategies to stay out of your own head and ignore/stop negative self talk?” “How do I increase my confidence in myself? How can I have more confidence in me?” These are all listener questions from The Clarity Course survey. Most of us are very familiar with that “bad feeling” about ourselves. We’d love to feel more confident, clear, and strong … but how can we, when there are scary shadows of doubt and fear lurking...
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How Far Would You Go To Live Your Purpose?

I still remember the moment I knew that I could live in Alabama. My husband Jonathan and I were visiting the Southern town where we live now, walking hand in hand past the elegant public library. Not much was happening on the outside, but from within a simple knowing arose: I could walk to this library. This could be our hometown. We could live here and be happy. …
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How Do I Trust Myself and My Inner Knowing? (Ask Caroline Videos)

“How can I learn to trust my inner voice and make my decisions based on it, no matter how odd or messy or random they look at the time?” That’s just one of the powerful questions posed in The Confidence Course survey earlier this year. As I read through dozens of responses, I felt motivated to answer and help. In this new “Ask Caroline” video series, I’m responding to your questions and coaching you toward greater clarity. Recovering perfectionists like us struggle to trust the apparent messiness of our intuition and the apparent randomness of our learning process. In this...
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It’s Me Who Decides.

Real talk: Are you getting where you want to go in life? Are you putting your foot on the gas pedal, or are you idling? These are hard questions to ask – I get that. But they’re also really important. You’re the one in the driver’s seat. Falling asleep at the wheel is dangerous, both literally and metaphorically. But being awake, alert, and active? That can save a life. …
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Defeat Self-Doubt, Trade Perfectionism for Possibility, and Live Your Dreams

When we were younger, we really felt it, didn’t we? And by “it”, of course, I mean life. Once upon a time, we had big feelings about everything from our birthdays to our breakfast cereals. We felt intensely; we threw our whole hearts into songs, books, and best friendships. I’m not saying that living this way was easy. There were tears and temper tantrums; there were moments when our bodies could barely hold the force of our emotions. It was hard, but it was real, no-holds-barred living. …
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