How Does She Do It All?

“How do moms of young kids do it all?” That listener question cracked me up. The simple answer is that they don’t! No one does. The idea of “doing it all” is a myth. Every day, we make trade-offs. If we do this, that means that we don’t do that. So, the question isn’t, “How does she do it all?” Rather, the question is, “What matters most to you, personally? What do you choose, today?” …
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“The Conditions Are Always Impossible.”

Have you ever had the experience of reading a quote that just gets under your skin and will not leave you alone? Ever read a few words and had that shivery feeling of truth spoken directly to your spirit? This is the Doris Lessing quote that’s been following me around lately: “Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.” Amen to that, right? That quote has helped me so much. Since I read it, I stopped procrastinating and started writing my next book. Now, I had all kinds of reasons why the conditions were “impossible”...
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You Don’t Have to Be Afraid: Overcoming Perfectionism on Poema

“The irony of overcoming perfectionism is that it’s like playing a video game where you have plenty of lives left, but you’re so scared of getting hurt by anything. And it’s like, ‘Dude, it’s okay! The game has more lives for you!'” This is a quote from my recent guest appearance on James Prescott’s Poema Podcast. I’m not sure why I started speaking like a California surfer – dude! – but I’m so glad to share the recording with you today. …
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True Recovering Perfectionist? Then Press Play!

“We fear losing other people’s approval. We’re so scared of that, that’s so terrifying to us! But what actually hurts a lot more is when we completely reject ourselves.” This is a quote from my recent appearance on Claire Barton’s podcast, in an episode titled True Recovering Perfectionist. …
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