Have you ever beat yourself up over not responding to every message you received in a day?

Me too. I know how it goes. On one hand, you’re tired and overwhelmed. But on the other hand, there are emails! Texts! Calls! All demanding a response!

We’ve been taught that if someone writes, we must write back. If someone starts talking, we must converse. If someone moves in for a hug, we must embrace. We do so even if we feel uncomfortable, exhausted, or just plain unwilling.

We strive to respond to everyone else’s messages, but do we heed the ones from our true selves?

It’s all too easy to turn away from the honest place within, to rush forward and forget what really matters. Here, we take pause and remember. Here, we come home to ourselves so that we can love others with integrity.

A Wish Come Clear is a personal development blog with a focus on interpersonal relationships. After all, we can’t become who we were meant to be alone; we need each other.

This truth came to life for me when my younger brother Willie was diagnosed with autism. At the time, he was three years old and I was five.

Neither of us had been to church yet, so I didn’t have much of a God concept. But somehow, I’d arrived at a very clear idea of heaven. I used to lie awake at night and think about it, so eager for it to be real.

I believed that heaven would be just this: a place where I could talk freely with my brother. It would be a place without the limits of autism on his part or ignorance on mine, a place where I could ask him a question and receive a complete answer.

I remember wanting to ask Willie about the smallest details of our life as kids. I wanted to know if Cheerios were really his favorite cereal or if he ate them simply because that’s what mom bought. I wanted a window into his mind and heart.

For me, paradise has always been about breaking down barriers between beloved people. So this site is meant to be a little glimpse of heaven, a place where walls fall down and connections happen.

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