Did you know that certain Native American artisans weave small, purposeful mistakes into their blankets?

These master craftspeople include intentional slip-ups in their best work. But why?

Because they believe that the “mistake” is the very space that allows Spirit to move in and out of the fabric.

Take a moment and let that sink in. Then ask yourself …

What if the mistakes you wish you hadn’t made could be openings for Spirit in your life?

If that question freaks you out a little, I understand.

I’m Caroline Garnet McGraw, and I’m a recovering perfectionist. (And workaholic and codependent and people-pleaser. You know, just the usual.)

I’ve spent most of my life in abject terror of making mistakes. But in 2011, I started this blog as an account of the journey to get past perfect and rise up real.

A Wish Come Clear is about the lifelong odyssey that we take to come home to ourselves and each other.

It’s about changing the question from What if I screw up? to, How will I allow Spirit to move through the fabric of my imperfect, utterly human life?

Wondering about the name?

The phrase “A Wish Come Clear” is my younger brother Willie’s brainchild. Willie is smart and funny. He also has autism, and he struggles with self-injurious behavior.

Willie is a perfectionist who writes in erasable ink, yet he finds intentional errors hilarious. He loves to put his shoes on the wrong feet.

And instead of saying, “It’s a wish come true,” he’ll proclaim, “It’s a wish come … blue!” or “A wish come … clear!”

In other words, Willie does with his jokes what the Native American artisans do with their blankets. He creates purposeful mistakes as a way to invite joy into his life.

And who doesn’t want more of that?!

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