Did you know that certain Native American artisans weave small, purposeful mistakes into their blankets?

It’s true. Some master craftspeople include intentional slip-ups in their best work. Why? Because they believe that the ‘mistake’ is the very space that allows Spirit to move in and out of the fabric.

Take a moment and let that sink in. Then ask yourself …

What if the very mistakes you wish you hadn’t made could be openings for Spirit in your life?

It’s a subversive question, especially for a personal development blog. The stereotypical personal development site is all about the elusive quest for an ideal life.

But let’s get real here. We’re human beings, not paragons of perfection. We all wrestle with fear, self-recrimination, and shame.

I spent years terrified of making mistakes. Here’s my rap sheet: honors student, team leader, high-achiever, and recovering perfectionist.

Fortunately, I’ve realized that the real question isn’t Will I screw up? Rather, it’s How will I allow Spirit to move through the fabric of my life?

A Wish Come Clear is a personal development blog for real people who make mistakes, fall down, and dare to rise again.

The phrase “A Wish Come Clear” is my younger brother Willie’s brainchild. Willie is smart and funny. He also has autism, and he struggles with self-injurious behavior.

Willie is a perfectionist who writes in erasable ink, yet he finds intentional errors hilarious. He loves to put his shoes on the wrong feet. And instead of saying, “It’s a wish come true,” he’ll proclaim, “It’s a wish come … blue!” or “A wish come … clear!”

In other words, Willie does with his jokes what the Native American artisans do with their blankets. He creates purposeful mistakes as a way to invite joy into his life. And who doesn’t want more of that?!

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