You know that great line from The Princess Bride, “Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” … ?

Well, that’s true.

And yet, as Brigid Schulte writes in Overwhelmed: “Here is the best place to be. I keep forgetting, but right now I remember. I remember that life will be over quickly and that this is an amazingly beautiful day.”

And that’s true, too.

A Wish Come Clear is a both / and kind of blog. It’s about facing painful paradoxes and telling hard truths. It’s about being brave enough to show up and show love even when hope seems lost. And it’s about celebrating when you find hope again, hidden in the most unexpected places.

This is the place for you when …

  • You’re feeling lost and stressed out, stuck in an I’m not good enough shame spiral.
  • You’re tired of the pressure, afraid that something is about to go wrong (and that it will be your fault).
  • You’re going a little crazy trying to please everybody, wishing that you had permission to just be yourself.

And this is also the place for you when …

  • You’re done taking the ‘safe’ route; you’ve made a conscious decision to change and move forward.
  • You’re ready to really see the people in your life, to cherish the time you have together.
  • You’re feeling inspired and energized, ready to make each day a little brighter, a little more peaceful.

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I’m Caroline Garnet McGraw, the site’s creator (pictured below with my husband, Jonathan). It’s an honor to welcome you!


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