It Helps Not To Be Afraid: Guest Post At “Thin Places”

hello, all, I'm pleased to share that I have a guest post at Amy Julia Becker's blog, "Thin Places." You can find today's post here:  Perfectly Human:  It helps not to be afraid. Thank you, Amy Julia, for the opportunity to post! Comments, retweets, likes and shares are always appreciated. The last post in the “Saving your sanity” series will run this Friday. Get ready:  it will be an epic post on everything you need to streamline your daily routines. My posting schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday; subscribe for free via email (via the box at the top right of...
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Redefining Courage

Last night, I listened to an exceptional talk by Brene Brown, Ph.D., on wholeheartedness and vulnerability. It reminded me of a prayer-time at L’Arche in which Cassandra* showed great transparency. I write about it here: “When Cassandra’s asked the question, “What hurts do you carry? What hurts does L’Arche help to heal?” she replies, after a long pause:  “Well. When people I love die. And. Not being able to do things right.” She looks straight back at me. My throat closes with gratitude that this woman has put into words the two great wounds that everyone faces in this life.”...
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