Flawed Yet Fearless: Guest Post At RowdyKittens

Readers, SURPRISE! You have TWO posts coming to you today. (Consider this as the regularly-scheduled post for this coming Monday, April 11.) Today’s SECOND post is over at Rowdy Kittens, and you can find it here: Flawed Yet Fearless:  4 Steps To Embrace Your Strengths. Posting on RowdyKittens is a dream come true for me, as Tammy Strobel's site was the first blog I subscribed to (and a major inspiration as I began A Wish Come Clear.) RowdyKittens is all about “social change through simple living.” Welcome to A Wish Come Clear, readers from RowdyKittens! I encourage you to visit...
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Overcoming Passive Barriers: Impossibility Vs Possibility

First, a big thank you to readers ~ A Wish Come Clear has a Facebook page & username, thanks to your support! *** I'm a big fan of breaking down barriers. Passive barriers, to be precise. I'd never heard of them until recently. For a brief introduction, I quote from Ramit Sethi, who defines passive barriers like this in his guest post on Get Rich Slowly: "Passive barriers are things that don’t exist, so they make your job harder. A trivial example is not having a stapler at your desk; imagine how many times a day that gets frustrating. For...
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