Overwhelmed and Overburdened? Freedom is Possible.

Friends, I want to tell you the truth about what my life was like a few years ago. I was overwhelmed and overburdened, addicted to sugar and caffeine. Whenever I’m tempted to sugar-coat (pun intended) the exhaustion of that lifestyle, I remember this: I came down with shingles at the ripe old age of 23. …
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Stop Rushing and Start Living (Even If You Prize Productivity)

This morning, I find myself wanting to stop rushing and do just this: to sit on the sofa and stare out the window. Sacred dawdling, as Sue Monk Kidd calls it. When I first read those words, I thought, Dawdling as sacred? Really? But it is sacred, because it is an act of faith. To stop my work, be unproductive, and simply look out into the new day … this requires trust. When I do this, I feel as though I am coming close to a subversive act. To sit around? On a Thursday morning at 10am, when I should...
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Get Rid of Superwoman Syndrome Once and for All

When it comes to what happened the other day, I have choices. I can forget it, beat myself up for having superwoman syndrome, or learn from it. Usually I elect a combination of forgetfulness and self-flagellation, but now, I’m going to go with learning. Here’s what happened: I spent a day in a haze of stress, flitting from one administrative task to another. I didn’t prioritize creative writing. By the end I was sprawled on the couch, back aching from hours of sitting, eyes strained from staring at the computer. What I found especially frustrating was that I know better....
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Darling Neurotic, Meet Your New Best Friend: The Radical Practice of Rest

My husband and I have been under the weather this week. We're dealing with some kind of virus, and he's facing seasonal allergies on top of that. We've been keeping up with our most important responsibilities by sleeping or resting every free moment. And slowly, we're starting to feel better. This week of fatigue has had me feeling anxious; I worry about not getting enough work done each day, not moving faster toward my big goals. And there's always this nagging, hypochondriac worry that maybe this bug is something serious. In moments like these, I call my dear friend Brooke...
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Do You Need Permission To Rest? (You Got It.)

Good morning, all, First, a brief update:  I have another post featured on the S-O-S for Parents blog this week; you can read it here. Next, I want to share that the posting schedule at A wish come clear will alter slightly; in the coming weeks, I'll be posting on Mondays and Thursdays. The motivation behind this change is threefold:  first, it reflects reading patterns on the site at present; second, it allows me to maintain the high level of quality content you desire; third, it allows me greater space for freelance work, guest posts and long-term projects. I welcome...
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