This came as a real shock

When I read your emails, I have full-body responses. I don't read quietly; I exclaim, I cheer, I shout. I talk with my hands and wave them around. Always, I feel fortunate that you trust me with your words, your truths. As I read your emails this week, I came to one that featured some big traumas and losses. The writer had been through a lot, and she struggled with feeling that everyone was mad at her. The last line was what made me gasp: "I will be free someday, not on this earth but hopefully in heaven." Those words...
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You’re not lazy, you’re just at step 3.

Thank you so much for your brave, courageous responses to my questions last week! So many of you wrote back, which is fantastic. While the stories are different, there are common threads. Here's what I'm hearing from you. If you didn't feel guilty, if you were truly free ... Instead of exhausting yourself so that everyone else is okay, you'd take time to listen to yourself. You'd discover what you want and who you really are. Instead of appearing to have it all under control and managing people's expectations, you'd pay attention to whether you, yourself, are happy. Instead of...
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For a moment there I wanted a different life

On new year's eve I took our two and a half year old to the park. She needed to run off some energy, and she also needed time for her mama to focus on her while the baby stayed home with dad. So there we were, me and my toddler, climbing on the jungle gym as night fell. The park where we played was across the street from an event space, where people in fancy clothes were arriving for a new year's eve party. And I will admit that for a moment I wanted a different life. Even after the...
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