From Me to You: A Valentine’s Video and Giveaway! If you can't watch the video, here's a brief summary, and a photo of the artwork too! Welcome to the (3rd-ever) A Wish Come Clear video message! A few quick updates: I'll have 2 guest posts running tomorrow, at Autism Home Rescue and I'm A Mom Too, respectively. I'm honored to be a part of both, since they focus on providing support for caregivers of people with disabilities. A very big thank you to everyone who has encouraged, supported, and purchased Love's Subversive Stance, especially the print book version! Your enthusiasm has made the entire process worthwhile....
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Our First-Ever Survey + Giveaway!

Hello and good morning, readers! (A special welcome to readers from The Caregiver's Voice; I have a short post there today. Does this count as guest post #7-in-a-row? You be the judge...) I must confess:  I was in a bit of a blue funk last Friday. (Or maybe it was the mean reds. Points if you can name that reference.) Anyway, I was feeling a little woe-is-me at the end of a long work day. This week of guest posting (an honor thought it's been!) hasn't brought the kind of growth I'd hoped for. And so I was doubting, weakening....
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