Fill Somebody’s Cup: An Unconventional Birthday Wish

Home renovation projects: they can wear on you. Viva la tiny bathroom! You stumble over construction supplies, and everything is forever out of place. The cat dips her paws in the polyurethane your husband's using to top-coat your wood floors. (And then she proceeds to lick it off.) Everything takes so much longer than it's 'supposed' to take. Need a glass of water? Too bad. You can't have it right now. Your entire kitchen, including the sink, has been blocked off for a week. The water pitcher doesn't fit in the bathroom sink, so you take it to...
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5 Simplicity DIYs (You’ve Been Too Scared To Try)- Guest Post At

Good morning, all! Today I'm excited to have a guest post -- "Simplicity DIYs (you've been to scared to try)"-- at Courtney Carver's lovely site, Be More with Less:  life on purpose. Thank you, Courtney, for this opportunity! I happily redirect you there to read and get the goodness: 5 simplicity DIYs (you've been too scared to try) I'll note that simplicity isn't a usual 'focus topic' on A wish come clear. However, I believe it goes hand in hand with what I'm writing about here, and I'll likely post more on this topic in the future. Our relationship to...
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