Cross Everything Else Off Your List, Leaving Just This.

Photo: Brian A. Taylor Photography. Used with permission. Friends, the weather outside is frightful, so I'm glad to be here in my writing room, sharing this post on the true meaning of the holiday season. I'm also glad that we have central heating this winter. Happiness really is the small things, like not having to wear a hat in the house. And this reminds me of another story about four girls backpacking through Europe. It's one of my favorites, because I was one of those girls. Now, I could tell you a lot of dramatic stories about that...
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Save Ferris, Lose Cable: On Choosing Adventure Over Apathy

When a new L'Arche home opened in Arlington, VA this year, the house team decided not to get cable in the main living area. This was a conscious choice, born of a desire to form deeper relationships. It didn't save them money. (Several members elected to have cable connections in their rooms, and L'Arche payed for that.) The house does have a TV in the living room, but 99% of the time, it's hidden in a cabinet. The focus of the area isn't the TV, and the house is better for it. The house watches movies together sometimes, and some...
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