There is a way, and you will find it.

Have you ever had a strong sense that there was something you were meant to do … but then second-guessed that knowing, because you couldn’t see how it would work?

Ever spent time in silence, getting clear on what you yearn for … and then felt a vicious wave of doubt knock you down?

I get it. I see it in my own life, and in my work with private coaching clients.

Often we pretend that the problem is not knowing what we want … when the truth is that we DO know, we just don’t see a way forward.

So we say, “I just don’t know,” and, “I need to get clarity!” when the true difficulty lies elsewhere.

It’s not that we don’t know.
It’s that we don’t believe it’s possible for us.

But what if we understood that taking action in the direction of our dreams is what allows the way to appear?

Here’s the story of a time when I learned that lesson.

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All the things we need to drop (and one that remains)

Do you remember the 1998 movie You’ve Got Mail, when Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly were both so darn PSYCHED to read their email?

For all their differences, the characters had this in common: They loved logging onto AOL, hearing those dulcet dial-up tones and the voice saying, “You’ve Got Mail!”

And after they deleted the spam, typically they only had ONE real email waiting for them.

I woke up with that image in my mind the other day: An near-empty inbox.

Just one message that really meant something.

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So I Wrote You a Fairy Tale (For Real)

I started writing a book back in 2015. After about a million rewrites, I’m very happy to share that You Don’t Owe Anyone will be published by Broadleaf Books a year from yesterday, on April 20, 2021.

It’s a book about what happens when you decide to free yourself from the weight of expectations, both internal and external. It’s one woman’s story of trying so very hard to be perfect, then learning to trust herself instead.

It’s a modern twist on divine grace; You Don’t Owe Anyone is what happens when you realize that you have no relational debt to pay.

That’s one way of explaining it, at least. But you know me, I’d rather tell you a story.

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