Clear Confident You Bundle

Trade "Not Good Enough" for Clarity & Confidence

This bundle contains 25 videos:

Post Traumatic Enlightenment: Caroline McGraw's Interview with Jennifer Cunningham
Productivity for Perfectionists: Caroline McGraw's Interview with Deborah Hurwitz
Clear Confident Action Challenge Day 1 - Get Real About What You Really Want
Clear Confident Action Challenge Day 2 - Handle The Harpies
Clear Confident Action Challenge Day 3 - Change Your Environment
Clear Confident Action Challenge Day 4 - What To Do When You Get Triggered
Clear Confident Action Challenge Day 5 - Get Serious, Get Support
How Do I Decide Whether to Invest in Coaching
How Do I Get My Loved Ones On Board
How Do I Get Out of Overwhelm
How Do I Stand Strong in My Decisions
How Do I Stop People Pleasing Without Feeling Guilty
How Do I Stop Waiting for Permission
How Do I Trust Myself and My Inner Knowing
How Do You Find the Inspiration to Create
How Do You Handle the Inner Critic
How to Get Over Being Shy
How to Let Go of Judgments and Limiting Beliefs
May 2018 Confidence Step By Step How to Shift from People Pleasing to Personal Power
Say Goodbye to Self Doubt
The 3 Word Secret to Supportive Relationships
Trust Your Decisions and Your Inner Knowing
What Are Your Daily Self-Care Practices
What's the Secret to Success (The Myth of the Magic Bullet)
Why Can't I Change My Habits