Manage Your Mind and Make Progress: A 5 Day Challenge!

Welcome to our new 5 day challenge video series, Manage Your Mind & Make Progress: Break Through the Negative Thought Patterns That Hold You Back.

In this series, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 reason why you haven’t been able to shift your negative thought patterns up until now
  • A proven escape hatch from the pain of negative thoughts
  • How to retrain your brain and stop procrastinating
  • What to do when managing your mind just isn’t working!
  • How to stand in your power and choose wisely

Thank you to everyone who submitted their painful thoughts; press play and learn how to handle them.

Manage Your Mind & Make Progress Day 5: The Big Lie

In this 11:19 minute video, I share one of the biggest lies that may be running in your brain right now … and what you can do to counter it.

For Day 5, your action is to mark your calendar for our free, live coaching call on Thursday, February 20, 2020 at 12 noon Central (1pm Eastern, 11am Mountain, and 10am Pacific). I’ll send you an invite via email, so be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. (And Clarity Calls are coming soon!)

Manage Your Mind & Make Progress Day 4: When Thought Work Isn’t Working

In this 12:30 minute video, you’ll discover what to do when you’re questioning your thoughts and you STILL don’t feel better (frustrating, I know!)

For Day 4, leave a comment below and tell me: What was it like for you to sit with the part of yourself that you’ve been resisting? What was it like for you to engage on the emotional level?

Manage Your Mind & Make Progress Day 3: Stop Beating Yourself Up

In this 18:24 minute video, you get to make the shift from inner violence to self-forgiveness.

For Day 3, leave a comment below and tell me: What was it like for you to forgive yourself for your judgments or limiting beliefs? What was one of your rewrites?

Manage Your Mind & Make Progress Day 2: Feel Better by Doing Very Little

In this 20:43 minute video, you’ll learn how to reclaim your peace … one question at a time.

For Day 2, leave a comment below and tell me: Which question did you use on your painful thought? What did you discover in the process?

Manage Your Mind & Make Progress Day 1: The Real Reason You’ve Felt Stuck

In this 16:06 minute video, you’ll discover the real reason why those negative thoughts just keep coming back!

For Day 1, leave a comment below and tell me: What painful thought arose for you? And how did it feel to send yourself some compassion?


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24 thoughts on “Manage Your Mind and Make Progress: A 5 Day Challenge!

  1. Susan says:

    Comparison is the difficult thought that arose. Giving myself compassion felt kind and comforting. It helped to actually place hand over heart.

    • Yes! That’s been my experience as well – that making the gesture and physically placing your hand on your heart helps you to both give and receive the kindness. I’m so glad you were able to feel that, Susan. <3

  2. Bridget says:

    Totally buffering here. And finding excuses. And feeling a failure when I tell myself I should’ve … (instead of buffering). It’s actually interesting to watch myself do all the things I know I shouldn’t (like buffering) because it holds me back – yet I don’t seem to have the willpower to power through. Working on self-compassion and keeping my word to myself.

    • Bridget, I’ve been there! (I’d hazard a guess that everyone reading this has, too.) Start simple: Hand on heart. Deep breath. Of course you’d rather buffer and find excuses than feel pain. Me too!

      It sounds like the thoughts you get to question are, “I should have done XYZ,” and, “Since I didn’t do XYZ, I’m a failure.” (We’ll dive more into questioning in days 2 and 3 as well, but since you have some experience here, obviously go for it!)

      And when we’re scared and hurting because of our own self-judgments, of COURSE we don’t feel up to powering through. When we are kinder to ourselves, we are so much more willing to move.

      I like to picture myself like a horse – if you whip a horse, it will run for a time, but not like a horse who runs for the joy of running. The energy of joy and the energy of punishment are very different. And one is way more powerful.

      • Bridget says:

        Days 2 and 3 …

        I know I totally sit in judgment on myself. I do strive to tell myself when I feel like a failure that a) it’s a feeling and not who I am, and b) I am still learning. I think I need to find role-models because I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone (close, acquaintance, or stranger) that they are the things I tell myself I am.

        • Bridget, you make a great point that your feelings aren’t you (you are the creator of your feelings!). And absolutely, you are still learning. Me too – still learning so much every day. And there’s a lot of power in just noticing how you talk to yourself. As part of the PT program I’m doing, I regularly check in with my body and just notice my breathing and where I’m holding tension. Just training myself to notice is a big deal, and it makes a difference.

  3. Fatima says:

    Hello Caroline,
    Your first video contains a lot of information that makes sense. It is very true to me and so significant in trying to restart a new journey to wellness. I’m glad I tapped in on it on day 2 so that I can continue with the series.

    • I’m so glad you’re here too, Fatima! Welcome. I’m curious to hear more: Where are you headed on your journey to wellness? What’s been most helpful for you here so far?

  4. Susan says:

    My painful thought has been comparison – i.e., I don’t have what it takes. The question from today’s video that resonated with me the very most was the last one. And of course the answer is that I would never force such a thought on anybody else! Also, the suggestion to “hold the painful thought in your hand and look at it” was really helpful. The physical action of cupping my hand helped me to focus my attention on the thought, instead of trying to push the thought away.

    • Susan, thank you for sharing this! I too really resonate with the question, “Would you force this thought on anyone that you cared for?” And that’s so interesting about holding the thought in your hand – I hadn’t even planned to do that so I’m really glad that it was helpful for you in your process. <3

  5. Morag says:

    I was totally using my phone to buffer and getting more anxious and depressed. Then my phone broke! And the replacement took a week… so I have been facing my painful thoughts which has been very uncomfortable but I feel slightly less stuck.

    • Oh my goodness, Morag, that’s wild! Thank you for sharing this – I had to laugh at the synchronicity and divine timing there. Well done to you for your willingness to take a look and feel the discomfort for now, trusting that you will feel better in the long run.

  6. Sanne says:

    just saying Thank You for the wisdom and kind words you share

    I will take a moment to feel the joy also

    the joy of relief after Feeling this old belief of not mattering is not true in my current statue of life

    thanks for the thought of being a Soul/spirit Right now in a human Body
    liked that lots

    greetings from Germany

    • Hello Sanne! You’re very welcome. I’m glad that you’re here, and that the idea of being a soul in a body resonated with you. It has helped me a lot too.

      The quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin is: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

      Here’s to you, and to knowing that you MATTER.

  7. Susan says:

    A limiting belief I really struggle with is that “obligations must come before fun, ALWAYS.”

    My rewrite: I forgive myself for accepting the limiting belief that obligations must come before fun, ALWAYS. The truth going forward for me is that I will drop this way of thinking and give myself permission and space to do things that refresh my spirit.

    And maybe this turn-around will actually be fairly easy to achieve 🙂

    • Ooh, good one Susan! I bet that many others here are familiar with this limiting belief!

      One small tweak on the rewrite — go ahead and take out the word “will” and keep it grounded in the present: “I give myself permission and space to do things that refresh my spirit.”

      The next time you feel that knee-jerk response of work-before-fun, speak this rewrite out loud. It’s a lovely one.

      Hope that helps, and great work!

  8. Buffering is so common. So the pain that arose for me is grief and guilt. I don’t know what age group or if you are targeting a demographic, grief may be a bit more than what you’re talking about here. I am barely letting go of guilt after my father’s passing 5 years ago. My mother suddenly passed 8 months ago. As I tried to sit with it, it seemed impossible, I feel guilt. Still a work in process I suppose. I’ve listed to the first 3 videos, I’m just listening again to take notes etc. Thanks Caroline!

    • Oh Margaret, I’m so sorry for your losses. Hand on heart, sending compassion. Grief and guilt are tough. It’s important that you distinguished between them, that you notice that they are distinct. Ask yourself: Where is the guilty feeling coming from? What thought is driving that feeling of guilt?

  9. Day 2 – The painful thought for me is “I’m too old to start over.”
    I will be 58 this month, but need the income for my family. I’ve had some very negative experiences with job testing and interviews. I feel like the most experienced interviewer with no success! So it’s not fully real (I think) because I did manage to get the PT job I have now three years ago.

    • Margaret, thank you for your bravery in sharing this. Great job noticing that, wow, I managed to get my current job 3 years ago – so, I effectively “started over” then. Why not now? One turnaround that came through for me as I read your comment – wow, she is old enough to have so much practice starting over! I’m 34 now, and it seems like the older I get the more experienced I become at making fresh starts. This isn’t only me, of course – it’s more that life keeps changing!

  10. Susan says:

    It is difficult to sit still with things I have been resisting for so many years. I usually want to jump up and go do something else, anything else!! I greatly appreciate Caroline’s suggestion that when you offer love to the parts of yourself that hurt, you will finally start to heal. I have found this to be absolutely – and amazingly – true.

  11. Day 4 – Hi Caroline, I’ve watched videos 1-4. Not sure I commented on Day 3 (oops)! The woman who had been through therapy, read book after book to self improve, posts on Pinterest, gratitude lists, I have done it all! I sat with a younger version of myself, when I believed I was pretty and confident. I imagine she listened as I asked “what happened? Where did time go?” She was me 20 years ago. “I had confidence and was happy.” Life happened. I aged, I don’t look the same and losing my parents changed my mentality. Yes, I have joy (particularly my grand children). And I buffer with work, yoga and meditation. I only imagine her, younger me, reaching over and holding my hands. That’s all.

    • Margaret, good for you for sharing this, and for actually DOING the exercise, that’s huge. It is brave of you to step into this emotional level work. When you spoke with your younger self, you received an important clue about what happened: You went through loss and grief, you were hurt and needing to heal. And you began that healing process by both reaching out and allowing yourself to be held.

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