The Delivery That Changed My Life (And The Book That Could Change Yours)

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Last week, I found a small, brown package propped up against the door to our apartment. I didn’t have to pick it up to know what it was; in fact, once I did pick it up, I set it carefully on our coffee table and proceeded to ignore it for several hours. (Perhaps ignore doesn’t quite capture it. Tiptoe around it like the elephant in the room is much more accurate.)

The proof copy of Love’s Subversive Stance had arrived, and somehow, I wasn’t quite ready to open it. And then, hours later, I was. Slowly, I cut through the tape, taking care that I didn’t damage what was inside. Because what was inside was what I’d worked toward and dreamed about my entire life: a print book of my own.

As the cardboard fell away, I caught a glimpse of the back cover, with its rich colors swirling before my eyes. One glimpse was all it took. Tears came, unexpected, unstoppable tears. And in a rush, I knew why I’d felt the need to wait so long to open it. Deep down, I knew what opening the package would mean to me.

I felt a shadow of what a mother must feel when she sees her newborn child for the first time: an admixture of stunned awe and love, startling in its intensity. I was surprised at how beautiful the full-color print book was; in fact, “Beautiful” was the first word to cross my lips. Despite the fact that I’d written the book (and made or OK’ed every editorial and design decision), I was still astonished at the final result. Despite months of hard work, I was still amazed to see it come to fruition.

Being intimately involved in the process of creation, it turns out, does not preclude wonder. In fact, it only increases it. And in that moment, I understood a bit more about the fierce love it takes to do anything worthwhile. It takes a lot to write a book, to pursue creative dreams, to give birth to a child and care for that young life every day. I was — am — humbled to bear witness to that love’s transforming power.

And with all of that said, I’m very proud to share that Love’s Subversive Stance is now available in print! I hope you’ll share this book with those you love, because it was (is!) a labor of love.


To select a full-color print book version as a beautiful gift for yourself

or a loved one, visit Love’s Subversive Stance at CreateSpace.

(Additional print and shipping charges apply.)


In celebration of this milestone, I’ve also altered the price of the digital book to $10.

To purchase the digital book, please visit the Bookstore!


What are readers saying about the book?

“The more I read of this book, the more I love it. It’s really a beautiful collection of stories.” -Allison McGinley, Be Not Afraid

“Congratulations! I love the book…beautifully laid out.” -Arvind Devalia, Make It Happen

“…All I can say that it is beautiful. One can learn so much from your experience and interpretations of the challenging relationships we face in life. Your writing is so inspiring and just flows across the pages…” -Metod Kolla, reader

“…It is very rare that you come across a book that gives you permission to enhance your relationships and yourself the way that Caroline has here. As I was reading I felt compelled to share the lessons I had learned from her stories with every stranger I passed on the sidewalk. Read this book for encouragement, for inspiration, and most of all to wake your heart up to that love train you’ve been missing.” -Dusti Arab, Undefinable You

What’s this book all about?

Love’s Subversive Stance is a collection of stories centered on these questions: how can we honor our passions and our caregiving relationships at the same time? In loving someone with intellectual challenges, how can we become more fully ourselves?

This book is NOT a quick-fix. Instead, it’s about telling true stories…the sort of stories that will allow you to become rooted and grow. It’s about examining the seemingly insignificant details of your day, and seeing what they say about you and your relationships. The book contains 90+ pages of stories for people who want to say YES to standing on the subversive soil of love.

If you’re all about grounding yourself and growing in relationship — seize the day and seize your copy!

If you’d like a bit more of an introduction to this new book, simply press Play!

47 thoughts on “The Delivery That Changed My Life (And The Book That Could Change Yours)

    • That’s great to hear, Cathy! And yes, I agree – taking time to celebrate is a really important step, one that’s easy to overlook. As a small treat for today, I went for a long walk to visit the National Zoo (and even saw a cheetah up-close)! Yet your comment encouraged me to think about what it would feel like to ‘complete’ the project – I’m thinking I might need to celebrate with my amazing friend / book designer Tamara, because I could not have made this book what it is without her. πŸ™‚

  1. Metod says:

    What a wonderful news Caroline!
    I know how hard you worked to get publish this book on paper.
    And now it’s here…in your hands.
    That must really feel amazing – to share your creation with the world.
    You wrote the book from your heart and that’s why it’s so beautiful
    and inspiring. I can’t wait to get my copy πŸ™‚

  2. Yes! “The Delivery” changed your life Caroline, but just think how many lives this Baby will touch! I too was moved just holding this beautiful book in my hands: the colors of the cover, the gentle, clear font style, the texture of the pages… (and I haven’t even read it yet πŸ™‚ “The world will be saved by Beauty, ” said Doestoevsky. Thank you for doing your part Caroline! Mazol tov!

  3. Caroline….

    What a thrill. Your feelings of passion and giving birth are touching. I hope you continue to celebrate your success.

    I know that feeling. And the first time you see your book, it is a sort of miracle.

    Please send me a few sentences on your creative process/giving birth. I am writing a post of inspirational creativity quotes. I’m trying to include as many from our group as possible with links. Much love…Fran
    Fran Sorin recently posted..Thought For Today – Thich Nhat Hanh on Miracles

  4. I love that you choose to share so openly from your heart. Thank you for that beautiful gift!
    The description of how you received your book, is breath-taking–the wonder and the gratitude just fly right off the page and I feel so happy for you. Congratulations! May you take the time to allow it all (the process, the “result”, the fun) to soak right in and may you enjoy each new place on the path that investing your heart shall present to you.

    • Steve, I’m thrilled to see you here! Thank you very much for the congratulations – and yes, whether it was restraint or fear, it was tough to leave it unopened! πŸ˜‰

  5. Sweet! What a moment! I agree with Steve. I would have been tearing into the package before ever opening the door! πŸ™‚

    Well, congratulations. I can’t think of a nicer person success of this kind would better suit. May it touch and change the lives of those so often forgotten, inspiring caregivers of those so challenged to greater heights. You do an important work here and with your book, Caroline. I believe the heavens are smiling down on you for this labor of love you’re now intorducing to the world.
    Ken Wert recently posted..Faith Moves Mountains. Doubt Creates Them

  6. Congratulations Caroline!!!!!!!!!! How exciting to have your first book in hard copy and in your hands. Such a perfect way to keep the fresh new year exciting and filled with promise.

    I look forward to reading it – the subject matter is something many of my friends deal with and I will share this with them.
    Aileen recently posted..How to Make Lasting Changes in Your Life

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