Hello and good morning, readers! (A special welcome to readers from The Caregiver’s Voice; I have a short post there today. Does this count as guest post #7-in-a-row? You be the judge…)

I must confess:  I was in a bit of a blue funk last Friday. (Or maybe it was the mean reds. Points if you can name that reference.)

Anyway, I was feeling a little woe-is-me at the end of a long work day. This week of guest posting (an honor thought it’s been!) hasn’t brought the kind of growth I’d hoped for. And so I was doubting, weakening. I thought:  Why do I do this? Does my writing make any difference? Does it matter?

Then this comment thread (beginning with Tammy’s comment) on my post at Minimalist Packrat moved me to tears and blew my little ship of self-pity right out of the water.

To think that reading my post would help this amazing woman to make such a bold, courageous choice…it humbles and amazes me. It makes me want to write forever.

It reminds me of this gorgeous quote by Madeleine L’Engle:  “We share our wonder and confusion: Who am I? Why am I here? Does it matter? Ultimately I hope we all answer […]:  Yes, it does. We do matter. What we do matters. And that is both a challenge and a joy.”

It also reminds me that I don’t do this for ‘the numbers’.

I do this for YOU.

And that’s good news for you as my readers, because it means that, today, I am giving YOU the mic.

Here’s the deal:  if you would be so kind as to take 5 minutes and complete a short, 10-question survey on your experience here at A Wish Come Clear, you have the chance to speak your mind, help me create more focused-on-you content AND be entered to win a free Support Planning session with me.

Note that this is equivalent to Support Package #1, as specified at the Your Life, Supported! page. The current rate for this hour-long session + follow up is $125…but one lucky reader will receive it for FREE.

Important: you can enter this contest by responding to survey question #10 (be sure to type your email address too) prior to 12pm EST this Thursday, June 16th. The contest will close at that time, and a winner will be selected based on answers to the final question.

Also, if there’s anyone in your life that you just KNOW would benefit from Support Package #1, refer them here! This week! Today! Now’s their chance to enter and potentially receive that support for free.

Thank you in advance for your help + responsiveness! I deeply appreciate + value your feedback.

Now, help me help you, and click here to…

Take the survey!



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