Speaking of Les Miserables, when I was about seven, my parents went to see the show on Broadway. When they came home, I pored over their programs, and expressed the ardent hope that I, too, might one day get to see “Lessss Misera-bellies” live. True story.

Anyway, what I mean to say is…

Thank You.

The survey responses I’ve received so far have been SUPER helpful. You’re shaping forthcoming posts and products, allowing me to zero in on exactly what you’d like to see more of at A Wish Come Clear.

That said, it’s Wednesday, and I’m planning to evaluate the results on Friday. If you’ve not done so, please take 5 minutes TODAY and complete the short, 10-question survey on your experience at A Wish Come Clear. It’s a chance to speak your mind AND be entered to win a free Support Planning session with me (equivalent to Support Package #1 at the Your Life, Supported! page.) The current rate for this hour-long session + follow up is $125, but one reader will receive it for FREE.

You can enter by responding to survey question #10 (be sure to type your email address too, so that I can get back to you if you win!) prior to 12pm EST TOMORROW, Thursday, June 16th. The contest will close at that time, and a winner will be selected based on answers to the final question. I don’t want you to miss out on this opportunity, so once more, with feeling:

*** Take the survey! ***



PS ~ Tomorrow’s post is a special Father’s Day edition…stay tuned!

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