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Forget Christmas Presents – Let’s Talk About ‘A Gift Disguised as a Dilemma’

Note: there’s a giveaway AND a special announcement at the close of this post — so be sure to read to the end! *** Recently, I watched the documentary film, Loving Lampposts: Living Autistic as research for a feature piece I was writing for Autism After 16, wherein I interviewed director Todd Drezner. Within minutes, his film had me captivated. The documentary explores the nature of autism, asking the tough questions: what causes autism? Is there a ‘cure’? How do we best support individuals with autism, and how can we learn more about their inner worlds? Drezner includes scientific research and interviews with professionals, but what stands out most about the film are the personal stories, the interviews with parents and adults on the autism spectrum. Specifically, I remember an interview with Sharisa Joy Kochmeister, a woman with autism who was perceived as having a very low IQ…until she had [...]