A Wish Come Clear

Choosing Love, Losing Fear, & Finding Home

The Secret To Interpreting Your Childhood Dreams: Guest Post At Everyday Bright (& An Ebook Launch!)

Good morning, all, Readers, the day has finally arrived…Your Creed Of Care is here! Well, not literally here. At 10am EST, you’ll be receiving an email from Mailchimp that will include a link for you to download the ebook as a PDF. It’s my way of supporting you and saying […]

Your Own Improbable Peace: 4 Suggestions For Serenity

I keep telling my husband that we jinxed it. First, there was a mention of Vincent’s* upcoming birthday. (Vincent always has some kind of medical emergency on or around his birthday.) Next, there was the way we said, “Finally, a quiet weekend at home. A normal, peaceful Saturday.” You see […]