A Wish Come Clear

Choosing Love, Losing Fear, & Finding Home

2 Guest Posts + 2 New Book Formats = 4 Reasons to Smile

Hello & happy Monday! Today, I’d like to share a few exciting announcements with you. First, I have a new guest post up at MissMinimalist.com! (Longtime readers may remember my first guest post there 2 years ago as well – how time flies!) Miss Minimalist is all about “living a […]

Renovations of the Home & Heart: A Tale of Transformation

Miguel*, one of my friends from L’Arche**, was in the ICU last week. Whenever something like this happens — and despite the wonderful, highly specialized care he receives, it happens several times a year — my heart aches. It always seems colossally, brutally unfair, these illnesses and hospitalizations. It reminds […]

Wherever I Go: An Open Letter to L’Arche

L’Arche* friends, I miss walking beside you through the world. I miss holding your hand, Cassandra**, and how your fingernails always dug into my skin. Holding on tight helped you to balance, so I’d leave them there until I had to — ever so gently — pry them away. We’d […]

We, the Prodigals: What it Means to Be Lost & Found

There are few terrors worse that the feeling that you’ve lost someone you love. This much was clear to me on that summer night in 2008. From my perch in the passenger seat, I scanned the sidewalks as best I could, reminding myself to breathe. Everyone was looking, even the […]