A Wish Come Clear

Choosing Love, Losing Fear, & Finding Home

What’s Lost + What’s Found: Why Reaching Out Can Make All The Difference

I love a long, rambling post as much as anyone (all right, probably more), but this Monday, I’d like to share with you a solitary moment…one I witnessed at approximately 1:40am this Saturday morning. When I walked into the L’Arche Ontario house last Friday night, I had a plan. I’d finished an evening routine in Arlington, and I was all set to drop off the car keys, walk home and fall into bed. Life, however, had other ideas. I got as far as ‘drop off the car keys’ when one of the assistants called me over. “Caroline,” he said, “I think you’d better come see Vincent*.” I stopped mid-stride, saying, “He’s still up? Well, OK. Sure.” It was then that I realized just how many people were gathered in the kitchen. They’d been so quiet. And as I walked through the door to Vincent’s room, the reason for that silence [...]