A Wish Come Clear

Choosing Love, Losing Fear, & Finding Home

Announcing: A New Documentary (Hula Skirts Ahead)

Dear friends, It’s Tuesday afternoon, and I’m camped out in the guest room of my dear friends’ home. I’ve been traveling for two weeks, from an Alabama lake house to a Pittsburgh conference center and everywhere in between. There are plenty of stories to be told, but today, I’d like [...]

Fill Somebody’s Cup: An Unconventional Birthday Wish

Home renovation projects: they can wear on you. You stumble over construction supplies, and everything is forever out of place. The cat dips her paws in the polyurethane your husband’s using to top-coat your wood floors. (And then she proceeds to lick it off.) Everything takes so much longer than [...]

What Do I Have to Offer? A Story of Wine, Wonder, & Worth

As she spoke, the rest of the women in the circle grew still. We were gathered to celebrate a friend expecting her first child, and together we’d shared stories and blessings for her journey. We’d laughed, cried, and laughed some more, but now we were quiet. We were listening to [...]

For You, If You Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

It’s a bright, beautiful day, but I’m not really seeing it. The world looks bleak. A bombing at the Boston Marathon, a city-wide manhunt, ongoing violence and terrorism the world over … the hate seems very heavy, and the love feather-light. Part of me wishes I could be a small [...]