A Wish Come Clear

Choosing Love, Losing Fear, & Finding Home


What story does your website tell? Do you offer a captivating mission and identity? Are you connecting with potential donors, sponsors, and clients? What sets you apart?

If you’re not answering these questions with confidence, don’t worry. Instead, let’s talk.

I specialize in creating web copy for organizations that support individuals with special needs.

In other words: It’s my job to help you feel confident about sharing your website with the world.

That means no more fumbling for your business card as you duck your head and mumble, “Our site’s not quite done yet …” or, “We’re planning to update it soon …”

Nope. No more of that. I’m talking really confident.

As in, handing over that card with a smile, knowing that your site is the best possible representation of what you do. Knowing that you are about to make a great first impression. Knowing, not worrying or wondering.


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Copywriting is about telling a story your readers won’t forget … and telling stories is what I was meant to do.

Stories are what make for beautiful Donation pages, so you don’t have to ‘sell’. Stories make for an elegant About page, so that you don’t have to hesitate when someone asks you about your mission.

I’m a professional writer who graduated from top-ranked Vassar College with distinguished honors in English … but what matters most is that I can connect with you and your needs.

Looking for more details, such as portfolio samples, current packages and rates, and (rave) reviews?

Visit me at CarolineMcGraw.com to learn more.

Thank you for your interest. I look forward to working with you!

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