A Wish Come Clear

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One Question To Ask When the Going Gets Tough

On my first day of kindergarten, my mom gave me some advice. She told me what her mother told her on the first day of school: when you walk through the doors, don’t worry about making friends. Just focus on finding the girl who looks even more upset about all [...]

Getting to Know You (& What You Didn’t Know About Me)

Dear readers, I’d like to get to know you better. I’ve been posting here for nearly three years now (!), and I love writing to you. So I’d like to say thank you, and hear more about you. Would you leave a comment on this post, or send me an [...]

From Me to You: A Valentine’s Video and Giveaway!

If you can’t watch the video, here’s a brief summary, and a photo of the artwork too! Welcome to the (3rd-ever) A Wish Come Clear video message! A few quick updates: I’ll have 2 guest posts running tomorrow, at Autism Home Rescue and I’m A Mom Too, respectively. I’m honored [...]

One More Day, One Day More…

Speaking of Les Miserables, when I was about seven, my parents went to see the show on Broadway. When they came home, I pored over their programs, and expressed the ardent hope that I, too, might one day get to see “Lessss Misera-bellies” live. True story. Anyway, what I mean [...]