A Wish Come Clear

Choosing Love, Losing Fear, & Finding Home

Stop Rushing and Start Living (Even If You Prize Productivity)

This morning, I find myself wanting just this: to sit on the sofa and stare out the window. Sacred dawdling, as Sue Monk Kidd calls it. When I first read those words, I thought, Dawdling as sacred? Really? But it is sacred, because it is an act of faith. To [...]

Don’t Hold Those Coins So Tightly, I Beg of You: A Story

I’ll tell you upfront: this is not my proudest moment. No, far from it. It’s been over ten years, but as you’ll see, there’s a reason I haven’t told this story before, just as there’s a reason I’m telling it now. Picture this: I am seated at an outdoor café [...]

Cross Everything Else Off Your List, Leaving Just This.

Dear friends, The weather outside is frightful, so I’m glad to be here in my writing room. I’m also glad that we have central heating this winter. Happiness really is the small things, like not having to wear a hat in the house. And this reminds me of another story [...]

We Don’t Have to Waste Away

So I’ve been thinking about this one episode of Oprah’s Life Class. Now, I’ve only ever seen this one episode, but it’s a really good one, because Martha Beck is on. The topic? “The Truth Will Set You Free.” My favorite part (at the 25-minute mark) features a lovely woman [...]