A Wish Come Clear

Choosing Love, Losing Fear, & Finding Home

“Please Don’t Go Crazy If I Tell You The Truth.”

Have you ever heard the Snow Patrol song How to Be Dead? It’s about an intense conversation (read: a fight) between two people, one of whom is on drugs. They’re trying to work things out, but control issues and lies are getting in the way. The song’s opening line is, [...]

Fellow Perfectionists, Come See Me

Recently, I received a message from the moderator of a Facebook group of which I am a member. It read: “Caroline McGraw, please inbox me…I need to ask you something.” There was a plummeting, zooming feeling in my stomach. I clicked away, thinking: This isn’t the first time I’ve felt [...]

The Work That’s Never Done

There’s one item in our house that always catches people’s eyes. The item in question? A photo collage that my husband Jonathan received when we moved away from the L’Arche community where we met. Farewell collages are a tradition at L’Arche DC; they feature the faces of every person that [...]

When a People-Pleaser Decides to (Gasp) Tell the Truth

Intellectual assent is easy. Being people of peace? Shifting from self-blame and people-pleasing to compassion and honesty? Sure thing. But putting these things into practice when we’re angry and upset? That’s another story. Luckily, life continually offers us opportunities to learn … which are often disguised as conflicts. *** My [...]