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Love’s Subversive Stance

Fact: Caregiving relationships and personal growth are not mutually exclusive.

(Getting sufficient sleep every night may be a different story.)

I’m on a mission to let you know that, in the midst of the medication refills and the hassle of hectic appointments, the love you give and receive each day is priceless. Your work is of tremendous value in our world, but sometimes, it gets hard to see and believe that. That’s where I come in.

Because at the end of the day (when you’re spent and just wish you had someone to help you get ready for bed and brush your teeth), it’s difficult to see the bigger picture. At times like these, it’s tough to recall why you signed on for the challenges that come with caregiving.

But allow me to introduce you to a book that will remind you of the truth you already know, deep down: your choice to care means everything.

Loves Subversive Stance: Ground Yourself & Grow In Relationship is a collection of stories centered on these questions:

  • How can we honor our passions and our caregiving relationships at the same time?
  • In caring for others, how can we become more fully ourselves?
  • At the end of the day, what matters most?

This book is NOT a quick-fix. Instead, it’s about telling true stories…the sort of stories that will allow you to become rooted and grow. Because being grounded yourself means you have that much more to offer as you care for others.

It’s about examining the seemingly insignificant details of your day, and seeing what they say about you and your relationships. And yes, absolutely, dancing and singing in the kitchen counts. If you can turn dish-washing into a delight-filled memory for someone else, you’re on the right track.

The print book contains 90+ pages of stories for people who want to say YES to standing on the subversive soil of love.

When life gets crazy (and it always does), it helps to have a beautiful book to hold in your hands, something to remind you of who you are and who you love.

If youre all about grounding yourself and growing in relationshipseize the day and seize your copy!

What are readers saying about the book?

“…All I can say that it is beautiful. One can learn so much from your experience and interpretations of the challenging relationships we face in life. Your writing is so inspiring and just flows across the pages…”

-Metod Kolla, parent


“Reading Love’s Subversive Stance clarifies a problem I have had all my life and that is when is doing something for others enough? It took years for me to overcome a sense of inferiority and coupled with the spiritual gift of service, it was a burden to heavy to carry at times. Perhaps some of you can identify. Put another way, always wanting to please leads to never knowing when you have done enough.”

- Harry Brash, reader


“As a Mom and a RN in the field of DD [Developmental Disabilities], you are just wonderful. Your words make me feel as if I am understood, in my frustrations and in my absolute joys.”

- Patti, parent, RN


“Your words are truly spirit and life. Thank you. As the mother of 21 year old son, an extraordinary young man with developmental disabilities, your words give courage and hope.”

- Traci Downey, special needs parent

Why Me? Who am I, and what brings me to write for you?

I’m would-be childhood paleontologist turned storyteller, digging for treasure in people and uncovering sacred stories in ordinary days. (It’s even better than dinosaur bones.) I have a younger brother, Willie, who has autism, and I’ve always known that I wanted to write books. Ever since the day in the first grade that I held my first book in my hands (a slim volume entitled, “My Brother”), I’ve known that sharing stories is what I was meant to do.

In the process of honing my craft, I graduated cum laude from Vassar College as a member of Phi Beta Kappa, with distinguished honors in English Literature. And as I studied great authors and their work, I felt that old knowledge rise within me: that nothing, nothing could be better than writing a book that spoke out to people.

Today, I write from a deep personal experience of service, having lived in intentional community with adults with disabilities in the L’Arche Greater Washington DC homes. I served various L’Arche roles for 5 years, moving from direct-care assistant to home life coordinator to program director. At present, I’m a self-employed writer, proud to serve as a columnist and features writer for AutismAfter16.com. Additionally, I work as a copywriter for non-profits and small businesses with a special needs support focus.

“When I first read Love’s Subversive Stance, I was captivated not only by the stories and lessons she shared with her readers, but also by her writing style and word choice throughout…..Not many people can say they are fluent in the language of love, but I believe this is the description that best fits the author herself.

It is very rare that you come across a book that gives you permission to enhance your relationships and yourself the way that Caroline has here. As I was reading I felt compelled to share the lessons I had learned from her stories with every stranger I passed on the sidewalk. Read this book for encouragement, for inspiration, and most of all to wake your heart up to that love train you’ve been missing.” -Dusti Arab, DustiArab.com

If you’d like a bit more of an introduction to this new book, press Play!

If you’re unable to watch the video, here’s a brief summary:

Hi! I’m Caroline McGraw, the writer at A Wish Come Clear. I’m recording this video to announce the launch of my new book, Love’s Subversive Stance:  Ground Yourself & Grow In Relationship. I could start by telling you all about how beautifully designed this book is, and how I’ve written each story in hopes that it will illumine your path on this crazy journey we call life. But really, I have just one question for you…

Are you ready for more?

In Your Creed Of Care, I shared stories to empower you to care of yourself while caring for those around you. In Love’s Subversive Stance, we’ll move farther forward. We’re going to ask:  how can we honor our passions and our caregiving relationships at the same time? In caring for others, how can we become more fully ourselves?

This book is NOT a quick-fix. Instead, it’s about telling true stories…the sort of stories that allow you to become rooted and grow. It’s about examining the seemingly insignificant details of your day, and seeing what they say about you and your relationships. It’s about finding ways to grow right where you are.

In short, Love’s Subversive Stance is about getting rooted and going deep with your most challenging relationships. And I’m so excited to share it with you!

I just wanted to tell you that your book is beautiful! …. My favorite part of your book is the part about your kinda grandfather, Vincent. He seems so sweet. I also wanted to thank you for talking to us about our siblings [at the Lollipop Kids Foundation Family Support Day]. I think it really helped me and my brother loosen up a bit, so we can talk to people who we don’t necessarily feel comfortable talking about these things to. Long story short … Thank you, Caroline.” -Hannah, special needs sibling, age 10

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